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Naqsh Interiors approaches each project individually and constantly seeks new and innovative ways to approach and solve design needs. We also take advantage of opportunities that are unique to each project. Naqsh is a diverse, creative practice that specialises in the design of interior environments.

  • Bedroom Interiors

    Bedroom Interiors

    Bedroom interiors don't have to mean an entire overhaul, sometimes a little tweak like bedroom fairy lights can have just as much influence as your bedroom furniture.

  • Living Room Interiors

    Living Room Interiors

    If you could only choose a room in your home to put your heart and soul into interior designing, the living room would top the list. It's that treasured space that sets the tone.

  • Kitchen Interiors

    The kitchen counter-top is the perfect place to add the ultimate design touch to your kitchen like which kitchen counter-top interiors you're attracted to.

our sevrvice

Our strength also lies in working within a cohesive team environment, focusing
on the same principles for each project.

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  • Residential Interior Decorating
  • Office Interior Decorating
  • Apartment Interior Decorating
  • Kitchen Interior Design
  • Restaurant Interior Decorating
  • Convention Center Interior Design
  • Resort Parties Interior Design
  • Health Care Interior Design
  • Party Interior Decorating
  • Wall Texture Interior Design
  • Wedding Planning

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Our talented architectural and design team can transform any property into a beautiful space
through architectural and interior design. From
the minimalistic, luxurious and contemporary to
the classic contemporary.